Krischan King is a purpose-driven servant leader AHF had the pleasure to get to know as one of our Fellows in the Fellowship Circle Winter 2021 program. 

Krischan is passionate about taking others along on her journey and creating spaces for them to thrive. An international student from the beautiful island of Barbados, Krischan is currently at Humber College embarking on her 4th year this September in the Bachelor of Commerce Marketing program.  

Deep Purpose Behind Pursuing a Brand Management Degree

I have always had an interest in pursuing a degree in business but what initially drew me to marketing was the array of fields I knew I could potentially explore,” explains Krishan. “Added to this was my personal love for motivating others to discover their “why”, in essence their greater purpose and personal brand.” 

Krischan added that this love carried into her professional journey, fueling her aspiration to pursue a career in brand management. She sees this field as one where she can help individuals and organizations leverage the power to effectively identify, develop and communicate their personal and professional brand.

Setting Goals is the First Step in Actualizing Your Vision

Krischan has thoughtfully taken steps as a student towards her personal and professional goals. She explains that setting clear goals for herself was the first step. “It’s important to know where you’re going and what you set out to accomplish and achieve.” 

She then quickly realized that getting involved and accessing the many quality and free resources available to students was an important pathway to actualizing her goals. “Once I had established clear goals for myself, I was able to strategically utilize these resources aligned with my vision,” recalls Krischan. “I became intentionally involved in communities, workshops, seminars and competitions that equipped me with the right resources and propelled me to the path of achieving my goals.” 

Intentional Ways to Invest in Your Future as a Woman of Colour

Krischan is very intentional about investing in her future and potential, especially as a young Black woman. “I leverage opportunities available including programs like Accelerate Her Future,” explains Krischan. “Getting involved within spaces where I can not only contribute to a mission much bigger than myself but also learn from the rich experiences of people who view life through a similar lens (as a woman of colour).” 

Krischan sees engaging in spaces and programs where she’s able to engage with like-minded women of colour and mentors who have gone before her as critical. Krischan recalls that it is inspiring to hear their stories and experiences while providing motivation to see their successes in areas she aspires toward in her own career. 

“The mentors I met during AHF’s Fellowship Circle Winter cohort were all phenomenal,” recalls Krischan. “It would be remiss of me to not amplify one in particular and that’s Angela White.” 

Krischan describes Angela as an outstanding mentor with a welcoming personality and much wisdom to share. “What made her guidance so insightful was the fact that she too was once a young international student seeking to navigate the Canadian workforce.” 

Krischan genuinely appreciated Angela’s thought-provoking questions as well as her willingness to make herself available beyond the program, extending her platform, connections and resources to help other young, Black women like Krischan progress in the business world. “I am greatly appreciative of the contributions Angela has made to my career journey and applaud the contributions she continues to make in the lives of other young women of colour.” 

The Importance of Taking Time for Life’s Small Pleasures

According to Krischan, navigating school, career planning and development and taking steps towards goals takes a lot of time and focus for students. These priorities coupled with navigating a global pandemic can be stressful. To cope she relies on her faith, whether through prayer or listening to uplifting music. 

“Apart from that I allow myself the time and space to reward myself in whatever way I desire. So, some days unwinding may look like a social media break (highly recommended), or a Netflix binge while on another occasion it may be a beach day with friends.” 

Krischan adds that regardless of how hectic your schedule may be as a student, be sure to make time for the small pleasures in life.