Virtual Career Accelerator

For Those Looking to Pivot Careers

Virtual Career Accelerator is a 16-week program for Indigenous, Black, and racialized women in Canada. Designed by career development experts and backed by an integrated learning model, the Virtual Career Accelerator is where participants will develop vital skills to accelerate their future.
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16 Weeks to Take Your Transferable Skills to the Next Level

As a successful participant, you will engage in career readiness bootcamps, enroll in a technical upskilling track, explore mental health and well-being strategies, while having access to small-group mentorship and career coaching.

The holistic 16-week journey is rounded out with a paid experiential opportunity with a small or medium-sized organization to cultivate your newly acquired skills through a real-world project.

Whether you are working, recently graduated or a student, you will gain foundational technical skills, along with crucial tools to help you develop and adapt as the workplace evolves.

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Program Benefits

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Integrative Part-Time Model

Upskill for the future while honouring your existing commitments. Through this part-time virtual program you will attend a technical upskilling track on weekday evenings, attend Career Readiness Bootcamps, and participate in group mentorship circles, and a paid short-term project.
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Upskill in a Technical Track

Participate in one of three technical upskilling tracks of your choice to future-proof your skills. You will join a part-time course delivered by one of AHF’s training partners in Web Development, Data Analytics or UX & Digital Marketing. Gain a foundational understanding to grow, develop and adapt at the same pace as the digital workplace transformation around you.
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Strengthen Your Portfolio with a Paid Short-Term Project

Gain valuable skills and experience – and get paid a stipend – by working in groups on a short-term work project for a small or medium-sized organization.
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Build Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Receive a certificate once you’ve completed this program to add to your newly polished resume and LinkedIn profile, in addition to the skills and hands-on experience you’ve gained throughout the program.

Exclusive Community & Networking Opportunities

Join a cohort of participants embarking on the same upskilling journey as you, engage in meaningful discussions with mentors and coaches with industry experience, and gain access to AHF’s network of supportive alumni and community members.

Our Impact at a Glance

Overall Program Statistics

Overall program satisfaction

Better strategies for writing a high-performing resume
Found the AHF team to be responsive and helpful

Program completion rate

*5-point Likert Scale (% of respondents with strongly agree and agree ratings)
Technical Upskilling Courses 92%
Technical Mentorship Sessions 92%
Career Coaching Sessions 92%
Career Readiness Bootcamps 92%
Group Mentorship Circles 89%
Short-Term Projects 81%
*5-point Likert Scale (% of respondents with very good (4) and excellent (5) ratings)
*5-point Likert Scale (% of respondents with strongly agree and agree ratings)
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