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Intersectional gender equity is a lifelong journey. Build your tool set to create equitable workplaces with our research-driven services.

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Why Equitable Workplaces

Even when we’re qualified and eager to advance, the barriers we face in the workplace hold us back. Known as the “broken rung”, the gender promotion gap starts with barriers to our first manager level, and grows with each successive level to senior roles. Racialized women represent 17% of entry-level roles in Canada, which drops to 6% in senior leadership roles.
We’re less likely to be sponsored and mentored by leaders. We face stronger headwinds to advancement. Our work and leadership are crucial, yet can be overlooked and undervalued. We want the opportunity to grow and advance, just like others in our fields.
Indigenous, Black and racialized women are leaving workplaces at unprecedented numbers. We need to create more equitable workplaces —
it’s a human right.

Work With Us to Build an Equitable Workplace

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See the workplace from the point of view of Indigenous, Black and racialized women in this Intersectional Gender Equity Foundations educational program. Grounded in research and brought to life through a thought-provoking and experiential webinar, you will gain an understanding of the impact of inequities and other layered forms of marginalization, apply a critical lens to how inequities show up in the workplace, and explore a foundational framework for gender equity solutions in the workplace.

Ideal For
Human resources professionals, ERG leaders, DEI practitioners and leaders, people leaders, senior leaders, and board members.

Championing intersectional gender equity in a meaningful way in your team, department and workplace. Foster inclusive leadership to turn your learnings into practices that make your workplaces equitable.

Topics Include

  • Intersectional Gender Equity in the Recruitment Process
  • Meaningful Performance and Career Conversations with Indigenous, Black and racialized women
  • Solidarity in the Workplace with Racialized Women
  • Living Reconciliation and Practicing Meaningful Allyship with Indigenous Women
Mentorship and sponsorship are essential for the career development of Indigenous, Black and racialized women, yet research shows that we are under-mentored and under-sponsored. We will work with your team to apply our research, expertise, leading practices and collaborative design process to co-create mentorship and sponsorship career development programs that have impact.

Let us help guide your workplace towards
intersectional gender equity.

Why Work With Us

Move Beyond Generic DEI

We help you understand and address the systemic barriers that prevent Indigenous, Black, and racialized women from fully thriving in their careers, including how multiple identities and experiences can intersect to create unique challenges for different women. By going deeper than generic DEI topics and focusing on intersectional gender equity, you’ll learn to truly transform your workplace for Indigenous, Black and racialized women.
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Tailored and Driven by Research

We embed credible research related to workplace experiences of Indigenous, Black and racialized women into our programming. We design our programs to target critical barriers that “one size fits all” or gender-first approaches often miss.

By Us, For Us

Our team encompasses researchers, subject matter experts and equity and inclusion practitioners. We apply a “nothing about us, without us, for us” philosophy that’s critical to our approach. As an organization led by and serving Indigenous, Black and racialized women, we centre our lived experiences, needs and voices in how we design our programs.
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