Grow Your Talent Network

The talent pipeline problem is a myth. Focus on building trust and you’ll diversify and grow your talent network.

Build Trust For The Strongest ROI

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The best way to become a more diverse and equitable workplace is to show Indigenous, Black and racialized women that we can trust your company, your brand, your culture, and your people.

AHF works with organizations that want to find, hire and retain people in an equitable way. Equity takes money, but also time and effort to show your talent network that you genuinely care about their careers and well-being.

When you focus on building trust over the long-term, that’s when you’ll start to see a strong return on investment in the form of more compelling and diverse job candidates, greater retention, and more engaged people.

How To Build Trust With Our Community


Refine Your Recruitment Strategy

Inclusive, respectful, and barrier-free hiring practices make a great first impression on job candidates.


Invest Time in Our Community

Connecting is the first step, but the work is an ongoing journey. Keep investing time in our community to foster trust – it shows you are committed and care.


Quality Over Quantity

We are more than just a number. When you focus on quality engagement with us, you’ll nurture quality connections, rather than focusing on how many of them you have. It’s about developing reciprocal and deeper relationships with our community where we have a shared purpose.


Act to Create Change

Action speaks the loudest to our community, and the quickest way to build trust. And when you can build trust, your organization will naturally attract exceptional talent from diverse communities.

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Work With Us To Build Your Talent Network

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Fellowship Circle

Build trust with our community by mentoring students and recent graduates pursuing careers in business and STEM over a 10-week cohort. You’ll get access to each participant’s resume kit for recruiting, and boost the mentorship and inclusive leadership skills of your people.

AHF Job Board

Reach strong candidates who are Indigenous, Black and racialized women through a variety of packages available. With an annual subscription, posted jobs are also promoted on our social media, newsletter, and private community.

Career Readiness Bootcamp

Engage in our Bootcamp for Indigenous, Black and racialized early and mid-career women. Join us as a guest facilitator while creating networking opportunities for your hiring team with our attendees.

Tailored Network Events

Put your best foot forward as an organization with a tailored networking event that’s about showing your genuine commitment to building an inclusive and equitable workplace. We’ll work with you to create a tailored event and touch point for your company with our community.
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Some of the Organizations We Have Worked With

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