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Let’s move the needle together on gender equity in organizations. And let’s make gender equity truly intersectional.

How We Create Equitable Partnerships

Since 2021, we’ve been working as a team to redefine our partnership approach, one that moves from “business-as-usual” to what we have termed an equitable partnership. Creating an “equitable partnership” invites you to extend your organization’s focus on equity into how you work with AHF’s team of Indigenous, Black and racialized women. We co-design our partnerships with you so that we each share the same vision and work together to achieve it.


Performative and Short-Term
We put your logo on a webpage or social media post. You know how many people saw it — but that doesn’t build trust or meaningful long term impact.
Page views, follower demographics, and statistics are important. But when it’s the sole focus, we don’t feel seen or valued.

Leads to Diversity Only
A focus on representation and inclusive hiring is an important step, but it’s not the only step. Representation alone is not enough.

Power Over Us
Viewing our partnership as doing us a favour, negotiating terms stacked in your favour, or devaluing our work are not equitable – they perpetuate the very barriers we are trying to solve together.

Equitable Partners

Meaningful and Long-Term
As equal partners, we work to meet our mutual goals with a sense of shared purpose – a long term relationship that’s meaningful and intentional.
Trust is a key metric. The more trust we build between your team, our team, your brand and our community, the stronger the impact we can make together.
Leads to Transformational Change
When you listen and learn with us and our community, we can create lasting change together in service of intersectional gender equity.
Power With Us
When you work with us in a respectful and reciprocal way, we can share power together – this means you share resources and time, pay us our value, and work alongside us to advocate for our mission.

Impact of Our Partnership

We see partnerships as a reciprocal, long term relationship, where we work as equals towards our shared vision. Transformational change starts with centering and listening to our voices and expertise, as an organization run by Indigenous, Black and racialized women.
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Advance Gender Equity
Partnering with us can position you to advance intersectional gender equity in your organization by helping you become an action leader.
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Building Lasting Trust
When trust becomes a key metric, you start forming strong relationships that help you foster a brand, culture and organization focused on equity, inclusion, and belonging.
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Grow Your Talent Network
Find exceptional talent who will drive creativity and innovation at your organization.
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Boost Morale and Engagement
Your people feel a sense of purpose, pride, and belonging when they see you taking meaningful action on workplace inequities.

Let's Redefine Success Together

If success for you looks like building lasting relationships with Indigenous, Black, and racialized women, we’d love to see how we can work together.
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What's Next?

Complete the Expression of Interest Form Below
Once we receive your Expression of Interest form, we’ll schedule a discovery call with you.
Learn about each other and your gender equity journey
The discovery call is the first step in our relationship. We’ll meet virtually to learn about each other, our goals for equitable partnership, and desired outcomes. We’ll also talk through where you are on your intersectional gender equity journey using AHF’s workplace practices tool.
Identify opportunities to work together
We co-design our partnership plan together so that we each contribute to a mutual vision for activating change with and for Indigenous, Black and racialized women.

Some of The Organizations That Have Partnered With Us

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