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AHF’s Fellowship Circle is a 10-week by-application program for self-identifying Black, Indigenous and women of colour — a tailored and curated experience providing small group mentorship circles, career learning labs, fireside chats, and networking with managers and leaders from business and STEM sectors.

Redefining Mentorship as a Pathway to Allyship and Partnership:

We believe in a strengths-based, reciprocal approach to mentorship. Traditional approaches tend to be hierarchical and top down. We believe that our Fellows and Mentors bring valuable contributions and perspectives where both can benefit and learn. Through equal partnership and a learning mindset, this approach focuses on the whole person and promotes respecting unique lived experiences. 

This experience is an opportunity for personal growth and the role each of us can play in systemic change with and for Black, Indigenous and women of colour. Whether to set and commit to learning goals as a Mentor or work on our mindset, behaviours and competencies as equitable leaders and active allies to one another extend beyond the program.

Together we are building a community with and for self-identifying Black, Indigenous and women of colour to ensure our full participation and leadership at all levels in business and STEM.

Important Dates for Winter Cohort:

  • Applications open: To be announced
  • Applications close: To be announced
  • Selected Mentors informed: To be announced
  • Fellowship Circle Winter Cohort: January – March 2023

Consider getting involved as a Mentor if:

  • You self-identify as a Black woman, Indigenous woman, or other woman of colour (i.e. Arab, East Asian, Latina, Middle Eastern/North African, Pacific Islander, South Asian, South-East Asian, West Asian); or
  • You self-identity as a white woman committed to continuous learning and taking consistent allyship action
  • You are a manager or leader in Canada with a minimum of 5 years of experience in business or STEM
  • You commit to participating in a minimum of six weeks of the program
  • You are committed to fostering trust and reciprocal mentoring relationships in Group Mentorship Circles
  • You are invested facilitating inclusive conversations, listening, learning and gaining unique insights from Fellows and other Mentors
  • You commit to using your social capital to advance our Fellows as future leaders in business and STEM 
  • You wish to evolve and grow as an equitable leader and changemaker
  • You wish to grow your professional network and community

How it Works

How it works Timeline

Why get involved?

We believe Canada is filled with ambitious and talented self-identifying Black, Indigenous and women of colour who have the power to advance their careers when given the resources, tools, mentorship, active allyship and community, committed to their success.

Black, Indigenous and women of colour starting out in their careers don’t always see themselves represented meaningfully or participating fully in leadership positions at all levels. This lack of representation and access makes it harder to see the possibilities at a pivotal time in their lives.

What’s more, AHF has connected with more than 200 early-career Black, Indigenous and women of colour to better understand their career development and workplace experiences. The results were eye-opening. We heard themes such as lack of meaningful access to role models, influential networks, mentors and active allies committed to their success. We also heard the need for developing their networks and access a full range of opportunities out there. Some are already in need of strategies for how best to navigate workplace experiences unique to Black, Indigenous and women of colour.

This program is not about about optics. This program is about meaningful impact and change. What are you waiting for?


What is the eligibility criteria to become a Mentor?

Please refer to the Consider Applying as a Mentor section found on the Become a Mentor page.

What can I expect in return for participating as a Mentor?

We won’t be offering an honorarium or stipend. You can expect to grow as an equitable leader by participating in our uniquely designed orientation and program that embeds a racial and gender equity lens, grow your professional network, and learn about the unique experience of early-career Black, Indigenous and women of colour. Most importantly, together we are building a community with and for early-career Black, Indigenous and women of colour and using our social capital to help them advance as future leaders in business and STEM.

How should I apply as a Mentor?

Click on the “Apply Now” button on the Become a Mentor page when the application is available and you will be directed to the application.

What types of questions does the application include?
The Mentor application is made to be user-friendly. It includes a combination of basic demographic, applicant profile and open-ended questions to better understand your background, experience and perspectives about our mission, mentorship and active allyship, and commitment to advancing Fellows in their career development and goals.
What is the AHF team looking for when they review my application?

Mentors will be selected based on alignment with our program goals and needs of our Fellows. If we are not able to find a suitable match or role within our Fellowship Circle, we will keep your details in our database for future cohorts. We appreciate your generosity and interest in our programming!

What is a Mentor's commitment in the Fellowship Circle?

AHF’s Winter 2023 Fellowship Circle will run virtually over 10-weeks, January – March 2023. We require that Mentors commit to attending a minimum of six sessions including Orientation, four Group Mentorship Circles and the Wrap Up Event.

How many times per year will the Fellowship Circle run?

In 2023, AHF’s Fellowship Circle will run once in Winter 2023.

Can I participate in a future Fellowship Circle as a Mentor?

Absolutely. We welcome Mentors who are passionate about our mission and making an active difference in the careers and lives of our Fellows. You can indicate your participation frequency and interest in the Mentor application.

I’m interested in having my organization become a partner. Who should I contact at AHF?

We’d love that. You can email us at or go to the Become a Partner page to submit a message.